Guys, the ‘Buffy’ Animated Series Might Have Been Kind of Bad

…at least based on this promo clip which, four years after the proposed Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated spinoff got staked, has just made its way online. We know that full episodes would've have been more awesome — Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg wrote scripts — but we still think this clip feels cheesy and a little bit dumb, and makes us sad that it wasn't better. Seriously: "Willow, short of the apocalypse, nothin's gonna keep us from that party tonight!" We bow to no one in our love of classic high-school era Slayer, but based on this, we would've turned this show down too.

It is nice to hear Giles again, though.

Four Years Later, The Storied 4-Minute BUFFY: THE ANIMATED SERIES Presentation Stalks YouTube!! [Ain't It Cool News]