How Much Money Could the Jonas Brothers Make?

Photo: Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, istockphoto

Portfolio speculates today on the career and earning potential of everyone's favorite teenage future overlords the Jonas Brothers, and the answer to the question above seems to be: Not as much as Miley Cyrus, but still way more than you! Surprisingly, the brothers are currently making only $12 million a year, which may seem like a lot to you but frankly isn't. First of all, there are three Jonases in the band, so that's only $4 million each. And that $4 million disappears fast, what with hair gel, protection money paid to Bonus Jonas Frankie, tithing, etc.

But how much can they make? Portfolio asks Michael Wood, vice-president of TRU, a market-research firm in Northbrook, Illinois, who suggests that a boy band may have trouble reaching the heights of billion-dollar Miley Cyrus:

If you're Miley Cyrus, Wood says, your fans want to be you — they will buy your records, wear your clothes, and buy anything branded with you, from perfume to chocolate.

"It's very different for the Jonas Brothers," Wood adds. "Are young guys going to want to dress like them? I'm not so sure. I think gender alone will be somewhat of a challenge."

When the Jonaspocalypse comes to Northbrook, Illinois, look for Michael Wood to be the shirtless slave pushing the enormous wheel that powers the fans that cool Nick Jonas's brow. And his screams will sound just like Portfolio's unnecessarily loud Jonas Brothers interactive chart.

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