Internet’s Favorite Rappers Collaborate on Track, Give MP3 Blogs the Rest of the Week Off

Photo: Getty Images

1. T.I. feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z, "Swagger Like Us"
Sneaking in just before the closing ceremonies over the weekend, the U.S. wins a gold medal in freestyle swagger with this new M.I.A.-sampling track. [Attorney St.]

2. Dido, "Look No Further"
Dido returns with this courageous tale of how she gave up her dreams of becoming a scientist and settled with just becoming a rich pop star. [Punkreas]

3. Lee "Scratch" Perry, "Santa Claus"
You know you're eccentric when you need Andrew W.K. (who produced Perry's new album) to help rein in the craziness of your songs. [Winnie Cooper]

4. Of Montreal, "Gallery Piece"
Kevin Barnes says this time he's "not pretending," and after listening to this track (which leaked with the rest of the album this weekend), it's hard to think that he's holding anything back. [Fuck You on Friday]

5. Mr. Oizo, "Bruce Willis Is Dead"
Mr. Oizo angles for a spot in the next Die Hard movie by giving Willis the Abe Vigoda treatment on this new track. [Lemur Blog]