Jack Black Discusses the Inspiration for His Farting, Fat ‘Tropic Thunder’ Character

Photo: Getty Images

"I have done lots of farting in movies. And I've been fat in almost all of my movies. So it's very close to home." Jack Black [EW]

"The real triumph of this tour is that we haven't strangled each other. That's not to say it hasn't crossed my mind, or Stewart's, or Andy's." Sting closes out the Police's final tour [Reuters via Yahoo]

"Karmically, we deserve the right guy. It's a tough thing, man. We make a pretty big noise." —Bassist Duff McKagan on Velvet Revolver's elusive quest for a front man with the right karmic fit [Billboard]

"It's a new-age, young, hip-hop [version of] Heat. These are young, cool, well-dressed, articulate bank robbers. [Chris Brown] be the little homey." T.I. on The Heist — but we're not sure if Robert De Niro or Al Pacino was the "little homey" [MTV]

"Contractions have their own rhythm, right, so, we had to find our own rhythm to be a little bit above or on top of the contractions' rhythm. We had a good groove going."
Matthew McConaughey describes labor in perfect Matthew McConaughey language [CNN]