Jeff Zucker Will Marry You Whether You Like It or Not

Photo: Getty Images

Worried about whether you have the time to read Portfolio's big-ass profile of NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker? Here's the best part, the description of how he met his wife, Caryn, formerly a producer at Saturday Night Live:

Caryn and Jeff met in 1995 while getting coffee below NBC’s Rockefeller Center headquarters. Five minutes later, after returning to her desk at Saturday Night Live, she got a call from him asking her to lunch. “I had a boyfriend when I met him. I told Jeff, and he said, ‘You can still have dinner.’ Then he sent me flowers, kept telling me to get rid of the boyfriend, and he pursued me like a maniac. When he wants something, that’s it: one track. But it wasn’t done in a creepy, stalker way.”

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