Josh Schwartz Discovers Possible Flaw in NBC’s Marketing Plan for ‘Chuck’

Photo: Getty Images

"They say, 'Your promotion's in Sunday night football,' and I go, 'Yeah, but we're on against Monday Night Football.'" Josh Schwartz on Chuck [What's Alan Watching?]

"You don't really have to have substantial breasts to twirl tassels. It's all about the bouncing motion." Angie Pontani, star of This Is Burlesque [Gothamist]

"They work on that sort of scale; I wanted to get it out as soon as possible, because I'm an impatient pop star." Rufus Wainwright on dropping his plans to compose a work for the Metropolitan Opera because they couldn't fit him in until 2014 [NYT]

"I was so passionate about that movie. I still am. It's such an unusual character for a woman to be able to play. It's the only role I've played so far that has no love interest. Well, I guess, weed." Anna Faris on her role in Smiley Face [LAT]

“It's a 'Princess Bride'-'Romeo and Juliet'-type story with monsters and pirates with big beards. It's very Jellyfish and Jon Brion, Harry Nilsson's Popeye soundtrack. That type of music with a Michel Gondry look to it." Drake Bell on the movie he’d like to make [LAT]