Latest Guns N’ Roses Leak Confirms Possible Existence of ‘Chinese Democracy,’ Maybe

Guns N' Roses' "Shackler's Revenge," a track allegedly slated to appear on Chinese Democracy (and definitely included on the soundtrack to upcoming video game Rock Band 2), has leaked to YouTube. You can hear it above, but you'd better be quick about it since Axl's lawyers seem to be taking this thing down left and right (once it's gone, try here). On a first listen, we're not that impressed, mostly thanks to the fart-y electronics that make this sound a lot like the botched "Oh My God" from 1999's End of Days soundtrack and not much like the other GNR songs that people actually like. Even so, we're still buying Rock Band 2.

New Guns n’ Roses Leak: “Shackler’s Revenge” [Rolling Stone]