Universal Unleashes ‘Mamma Mia!: The Sing-Along Edition’ on Unsuspecting World

Photo: Courtesy of Universal

As we staggered out of a screening of Mamma Mia! last month, our weak constitution demolished by the cheeriness, our ears aching from prolonged exposure to Pierce Brosnan's singing voice, we thought to ourselves, That was the single most harrowing movie-theater experience of our entire life, but we suppose, under exactly the right circumstances, it could've maybe been a little bit worse. And we were right! On August 29, Universal will open Mamma Mia!: The Sing-Along Edition, a version of the film with subtitled Abba lyrics, asking average moviegoers — even ones without Brosnan's gift for vibrato — to sing along. Venues haven't yet been finalized, but we're asked to stay tuned to the movie's official Website for details on which theaters to run screaming from next weekend.

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