New U2 Songs Leaked Directly From Bono’s Stereo

Photo: Getty Images

Over the weekend, four tracks from U2's upcoming album (purportedly titled No Line on the Horizon, allegedly due in November) leaked to the Internet. How, might you ask, did songs from a not-yet-announced record, by a band typically secretive about its new material, find its way on to the Web three months ahead of its release? Apparently a fan passing by Bono's beach house in the south of France last week heard what he recognized as brand-new U2 blaring from the windows. Then, quite naturally, he recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube. (If any of this sounds familiar, it's because the exact same happened two years ago.) How in the heck does Bono expect his neighbors to think about the suffering in Africa if he keeps blasting his music so damn loud? As for the songs themselves, they sound pretty good (minus some ambient splashing noises, which we hope won't be on the album). Listen for yourself.

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