New York Branch of Rock Hall of Fame Finally Gives Billy Joel Something to Do With All That Crap in His Garage

Photo: Getty Images

Rejoice, New Yorkers! No longer will Cleveland, Ohio, hold a monopoly on the world's most irrelevant cultural institution! At a Soho press conference yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg — flanked by music-industry legend Clive Davis and a Chevy once owned by Bruce Springsteen — announced that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will open a 25,000-square-foot space on Mercer Street to "house temporary and traveling exhibitions from the Cleveland headquarters." No one was more excited than Billy Joel, who said he'd planned on donating a Mets jersey he'd been given at one of the Shea Stadium shows he played in July, but instead decided to contribute such priceless rock-and-roll artifacts as a baseball bat (see above) and some plaque from 2006 (celebrating his sold-out twelve-night run at Madison Square Garden or something). Manhattan's branch of the R&RHOF will open in November and is expected to feature lots more crap that Joel was previously keeping in storage behind his Christmas decorations.

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