Ragtag Band of Communal Artists on Makeshift Boats Declare: We Are Not Hippies


From the second-to-last paragraph of today's Times story about artist Swoon's cool-looking Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, an installation of seven boats made from scrap and floating down the Hudson, accompanied by music, theater, and performance from a crew of dozens:

Though the group is adamant that its members are not hippies…

From the last paragraph:
Shortly before setting off the group gathered in a circle. The men, in vests, trousers, beards and derby hats, seemed inspired by members of the Band. The women wore everything from light slips to purple jeans and orange crocs. Swoon thanked them for their help. “I’m a little dumbstruck,” she said. A bottle of Champagne was uncorked, and Swoon ran around the circle dripping it into the mouths of her fellow travelers.

A Floating City With Junkyard Roots [NYT]