Slint Song Inspires World’s Most Terrifying Children’s Book

Photo: Courtesy of David Martin Stack

"Scattered remnants of the ship could be seen in the distance / Blood stained the icy wall of the shore," go the lyrics to Slint's "Good Morning, Captain," the shipwreck-inspired final track on their brooding 1991 masterpiece, Spiderland. Of pretty much all the songs we've ever heard, this one must rank somewhere near the bottom for ones that might make good children's literature. Even so, author David Martin Stack has inexplicably adapted "Good Morning" into an illustrated bedtime story. Fortunately, the book (available as a free PDF or for sale in physical form) isn't quite as scary as the song, and actually looks like something we'd have loved when we were younger (think Edward Gorey). We hope this becomes a trend and look forward to reading our kids books based on "Touch Me I'm Sick," "That's When I Reach for My Revolver," and "Slack Motherfucker."

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