Sneak a Peek Inside the Secret World of Burma With Guy Delisle’s New Comic


Guy Delisle has an adorable baby and a wife whose job with Médecins Sans Frontières takes her to some of the secretive places on earth. Luckily, Delisle is a cartoonist with a knack for whimsical exploration. His 2005 graphic novel Pyongyang, a chronicle of his two months in North Korea, is one of the best portraits of that reclusive nation we've read, and now his new comic, Burma Chronicles, takes us inside that country's autocratic junta. It's a bizarre place, where "rebellious" youths wear Sonic Youth T-shirts but the junta doesn't allow Sonic Youth's music.

Check out our exclusive preview, in which Delisle attempts to visit imprisoned Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

Burma Chronicles, by Guy Delisle

Burma Chronicles comes out from Drawn & Quarterly in September.