The Sweet, Swede Sounds of Lykke Li, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s ‘New York’

Photo: Paul Griggs

In this week's issue of New York, Emma Pearse interviews Swedish songwriter Lykke Li. Justin Davidson asks if it's possible to steer his son's taste in music (maybe!). David Edelstein reviews Pineapple Express, Elegy, and Frozen River. Vulture's Lane Brown and Dan Kois remember five actors who owe their careers to pot. Logan Hill asks Ben Kingsley how hard it was to play a sex maniac in his new movie (“I practically wore my own clothes,” says Kingsley). And Sam Anderson searches James Wood's How Fiction Works for clues on how mankind might survive the coming Woodspocalypse. Plus, what's up with Madonna's face? Jonathan Van Meter investigates.