Mark Walberg’s Career Could’ve Been Marginally Different If He’d Hosted ‘The Littlest Groom’

The right Mark Walberg. Photo: Getty Images

"They said, ''Here's the concept, and we're going to handle it in a very sensitive and responsible way,'' and I said, ''I don't believe that you are. I think you're going to make fun of little people, and while I'll secretly watch, I don't feel comfortable hosting it.' But you know what? They actually did handle it pretty sensitively, so maybe I blew it." Temptation Island host Mark Walberg on turning down a gig hosting The Littlest Groom [EW]

"When I heard about it, I honestly thought to myself, 'Some of them correction officers are some of the most crooked individuals.'" Ludacris has Rick Ross's back, kind of. [MTV]

"When I tour, I'm neither homosexual or heterosexual — I'm hobo-sexual. So that basically opens yourself up to anything at all — you could have sex with a piece of cheese and it would be totally natural." King Khan [Pitchfork]

"They showed me some footage, but I don't have a feel for the movie. I didn't see enough. I wasn't sure who the Terminator was. I don't know if there is one or if he's the star or the hero." Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't sure if there's a Terminator in the upcoming Terminator Salvation [LAT]

"We call those jokes one-percenters, because they only play for one percent of the audience. we are proud to put them in every episode, but if you're not a real regular viewer of the show, you don't realize how often lupus is the wrong diagnosis." David Shore, creator of House [Newark Star Ledger]