What Are Jonas Brothers Fans Getting for Their $200?

The Times reports this morning on the bizarre phenomenon of Jonas Brothers fans paying outrageous amounts of money on eBay for It's About Time, the band's out-of-print debut album released in 2006 by their former label. ("All I know is that when I phoned to tell the girls that I had won the CD, the screams from them were almost deafening," says Vancouver's Louise Kuzma, who picked up Time for $200 for the daughters of a friend. "They were willing to pay $352 for it.") But are JoBro fans getting their money's worth? And do kids these days even know what CDs are? After the jump, Vulture investigates (in pie-chart form).

A Rare CD by Today’s Hot Boy Band: Bids Start at $160. Do I Hear $200? [NYT]