What Does That Crucified-Frog Sculpture Look Like, Anyway?

Photo: Reuters/Courtesy Museion Museum/Handout

Sure, the Times wrote one of the greatest headlines in its storied history this morning for its "Arts, Briefly" story "Crucified-Frog Sculpture Troubles the Pope." ("I am troubled," we like to imagine him saying to an archbishop, stroking his papal chin.) But then the paper's editors commit their own mortal sin by not showing us a photo of Martin Kippenberger's sculpture, which so troubled the Pontiff! Is the frog smiling? How green is it? Does it really represent an artist "in a state of profound crisis," or does it look like Kermit? Why won't you show us the crucified frog, New York Times?

So we went and found it.

Wow, that's … something. Now we're troubled.

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