Will the Real MF Doom Please Stand Up?

One of our few regrets about Rock the Bells was that MF Doom — the bewildering, densely lyrical MC never seen without his trademark silver mask — wasn't on the New York bill, signing up only for the festival's two California dates. But it looks like we might have not missed much anyway: This weekend in San Bernardino, Doom's second-stage headlining slot might have been filled by … an impostor! Rumors of Doom pulling the ol' bait and switch at his shows have been around for a while now. And they make sense, considering that Doom is a strange MC, the kind of dude we wouldn't at all be surprised to hear spends most of his time repainting the walls of his room various shades of gray.

But we're not 100 percent convinced that the dude awkwardly pacing the stage and being chased off by shouts of "Bullshit!" in the video above isn't Doom. True, the fellow at Rock the Bells seems slightly slimmer than the guy in other live Doom videos. But who's to say our man hasn't been hitting the treadmill? Is it possible that the MC's unhinged reputation has preceded him? Doom, if you read Vulture — in between bouts of spackling, we assume — let us know! —Amos Barshad

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