With ‘Godspell’ Out, Is ‘Hair’ In on Broadway?

Photo: Getty Images

Great news for the few hippies unafraid of the indoors! According to the Post, after last week's investment collapse on Godspell, the Public Theater's production of Hair — currently playing in Central Park — could take its place on Broadway in January (strict laws mandate that only one hippie musical be open at a time). Producer Elizabeth McCann is purportedly meeting with owners to see which theaters will be available after the first of the year, though she hung up on poor Michael Riedel when he tried to get her to confirm as much. Hair would no doubt be a giant success on Broadway, based solely on the fact that its popularity has today inspired the New York Times to write its third story about waiting in line in just two weeks.

2 ‘Hair’ Tickets, No Waiting (for You, Anyway) [NYT]