Woody Allen Reminds Us How Funny He Is

Photo: Courtesy of Weinstein Co.

You know how you feel when you run across one of those old Woody Allen humor pieces from Without Feathers and you reread it and you're like, Holy shit, that guy is funny? That's how we felt this weekend reading Woody's Vicky Cristina Barcelona diaries in "Arts & Leisure." And not only did the faux-diaries actually make us laugh a lot — we liked the line about Woody fracturing "certain key teeth" on the floor — they also cleverly undercut almost every joke we've made about Woody and his work in the last ten years. Casting himself opposite younger women? The enigmatic acting of ScarJo? His box-office woes? It's all there. If he'd just made a joke about marrying his stepdaughter, we'd have nothing else to write about.

Excerpts From the Spanish Diary [NYT]