Miracle of Miracles: ‘Chinese Democracy’ Is Coming Out This Year!


People who like to make jokes at the expense of things that have been delayed for a comically extended period of time, prepare to find yourselves a new punching bag — Chinese Democracy is totally, actually, really coming out this year!(!!) According to Billboard, Best Buy has beat out big-box competitor Wal-Mart to grab exclusive retail rights for Guns N' Roses' Sisyphean epic, which is now confirmed to hit stores before the end of 2008. An official release date hasn't been announced yet, of course — but still, wow! It's kind of overwhelming: Honestly, we never thought we'd live to see the day when Chinese Democracy was anything but a mad glint in Axl Rose's eyes. Plus we were pretty sure we'd get a Brian Wilson–Howard Hughes recluse era out of it, with Axl locking himself in a Hollywood Hills studio for years, peeing in cups and growing out his fingernails. But hey, whatever — new GNR!

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