Cover Your Ears! New David Cook Single Premieres


Last night, disputably coiffed American Idol winner David Cook released the new single from his marginally anticipated upcoming album. AOL's PopEater blog is streaming it, and, as should probably have been expected, "Lights On" is a sludgy, nondescript grunge ballad in no immediate danger of getting stuck in anyone's head. The track was composed (presumably in 1992) by Chris Cornell and Daughtry songwriter Brian Howes and was produced by Rob Cavallo, who we simply must commend for his humanitarian use of pitch-correction technology. Cook's still-untitled major-label debut (suggested title: Nevermind!) arrives in stores on November 18, where it will likely be passed unnoticed by the fanatical hordes waiting in line to purchase the vastly superior album by Idol runner-up David Archuleta, which drops a week earlier.

Exclusive: David Cook Turns the 'Light On' His Debut Single [PopEater/AOL]
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