Trailer for ‘Crash’ TV Show Promises Heavier-Handed Lessons, Even More Inane Coincidences


Tagline: The new drama that will take you to the edge and, when you least expect it, push you over.

Translation: You're racist!

The Verdict: The trailer for Starz's TV adaptation of 2005's Crash — yes, they made a show out of Crash; no, we don't know why — is out, and boy, is it a doozy. You know how a lot of people were shocked that Crash won Best Picture because its coincidences were so ludicrous? Those people clearly have nothing to do with this show: The voice-over actually says "paths will cross" and then, in case you still don't get it, "lives will collide." Apparently none of the film's characters return, but some of the same archetypes, like Matt Dillon's crooked cop and Sandra Bullock's dissatisfied housewife, are there — only now they say everything they're thinking out loud? There's also a Mexican immigrant, an Asian ex-gangster EMT, another crooked cop, and Dennis Hopper with a gun. We are about to learn a lot about America.

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