David Gordon Green Continues Comedic Ascent


Back when Pineapple Express came out, we wondered what other indie directors should follow in David Gordon Green's footsteps and direct a Judd Apatow studio comedy. But maybe David Gordon Green can just keep directing them! The art-house auteur doesn't appear too anxious to get back to his roots — he's now scheduled to write and executive produce a half-hour comedy show for Fox called Good Vibes, about "two high school surfer dudes living near the beach in California." Sweet! We're all for DGG expanding his mass appeal, and it's not just because he did a great job with Pineapple (which he did, from the explosive fight scenes down to the touching Franco-Rogen bromance). It's also that we'd always held out hope a true talent like Green could escape the unglamorous, poorly paid gulag of independent cinema. Sure, his early films — namely George Washington, Undertow, and All the Real Girls — are critically adored, at turns both suffocatingly tragic and deeply hopeful, and a virtuoso display of a unique American voice. But now he has the option to make great stuff that people will actually watch. Congratulations!

Fox Gets 'Good Vibes' From Pilot [Variety]