Diablo Cody Doesn’t Know If She’ll Ever Write Another Highbrow, Artsy Movie Like ‘Juno’


"I did not think this would be my follow-up to 'Juno.' But I don't know if I will ever write [another] highbrow, artsy movie." Diablo Cody on Jennifer's Body, which isn't as "highbrow" as Juno [LAT

"Kill him and then seduce him [laughs] but not seduce him. It's never been on the agenda and we've never had a discussion about it. It's not something that I desire or want. No." Daniel Craig fielding a question on whether James Bond will ever shag a bloke [Guardian]

"There's a totally different energy exchanged. There's not some drunk yelling out 'Heat Wave' when you were singing 'Heart Like a Wheel.' " Linda Ronstadt on the mariachi scene [NYT]

"What I was doing quite often was saying, 'Make this one sound like Spoon,' or, 'Why are Velvet Underground songs always so great? What is it they're doing? Can we do that?' " Jonathan Lethem on his new project, I'm Not Jim [NYP]

"Anger is not the private domain of Spike Lee." Spike Lee [NYP]