Donnie Wahlberg As Baffled As You Are Over the Continued Success of New Kids on the Block


"Now the fans are older we can no longer attribute their adulation and hysteria to puberty. We have to chalk it up to something else and what that is we do not know." Donnie Wahlberg [Sun UK]

"We have a short list of names that we are considering. My 2-year-old (daughter Sloane) is pretty set on the name 'Freeka.' She also likes 'Laurie Berkner,' but that sounds weird in front of Corddry. We may just go with 'Baby the Entertainer' in case she grows up to be a black comedian." Rob Corddry discusses baby names [People]

"[It's] kind of freeing because you're so worried about what people will think of your wang, and then once you're out there doing the scene, it's far less about your wang and certainly more about the character and the scene, so that was kind of freeing." Neil Patrick Harris describes his first time naked onstage [After Elton]

"He's the main guy, but we always remind ourselves that nobody liked The Emperor compared to Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies. He's got the same lightning bolts, but when The Emperor was this figure that you just saw obliquely it was like, 'Shit, Darth Vader is bowing to someone? That guy must be really cool!' But then as he talked more it was like, 'Alright, enough.'" Jon Favreau on the possibility of including supervillian The Mandarin in Iron Man sequels [ComingSoon]

"It wasn't like we had time to discuss our periods, and sit down and clink our glasses, what shaving cream we were using. We had to do our job like any other movie." Debi Mazar responds to questions about what it was like working with an all-female cast in The Women [CinemaBlend]