‘Fireproof’ Is a Hit!


Earlier, while going over the weekend box-office tallies, we were too busy begrudgingly granting Shia LaBeouf movie-star status to notice a far more unlikely development: Kirk Cameron's Fireproof actually cracked the top five! The steamy non-sex scenes shot entirely in silhouette worked! It was either that or the hordes of Christian groups who bought advance tickets to the faith-based film that helped it break a $6 million gross; it nestled in just ahead of Burn After Reading and just behind Lakeview Terrace. Oh, and five spots ahead of Spike Lee’s Oscar-bait, Miracle at St. Anna (do yourself a favor: Watch the trailers for the two films back-to-back, and then picture a Disney studio exec angrily throwing a shoe at Spike). Look out, Shia — Kirk Cameron is so back.

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