Gayle King on Oprah’s ‘30 Rock’ Appearance: ‘Hilaaarious’


Apart from Ben Silverman's purported occasional lapses in professional decorum, it's surely the worst-kept secret at NBC: Oprah's upcoming guest appearance on 30 Rock. So, when we ran into Oprah comrade Gayle King last night at the New Yorkers For Children fall gala at Cipriani, we asked her about it. "It is a hoot," she told us. "It was taped last Saturday. Let me tell you, Tina Fey and Oprah Winfrey together is magic. It's great television. Must-see TV." We pressed for more details — does Oprah play herself? "Well, who else would Oprah play?" We don't know, it's been like a million years since she's played someone else, right? "You know her acting skills," said Gayle. "She's an Academy Award nominee! So she has acting chops. But I think the role of Oprah Winfrey suits her best … Oprah and Tina together: Hilarious. H-I-L-A-A-A-R-I-O-U-S." That's not how you spell hilarious, we told her. But she was adamant: "H-I-L-A-A-A-R-I-O-U-S. Lots of A's," she explained. "That was done deliberately for emphasis."

What other secrets were spilled at the New Yorkers For Children gala? Watch the video.