Katy Perry Bored With Kissing, Now Wants to Show You Her Doll Parts


Girl-kissing, Zooey Deschanel–resembling pop starlet Katy Perry is now available in doll form, presumably so that kids can play out a scenario in which she can get hammered on Long Island iced teas and make out with Barbie, who later sorta-apologizes to a somewhat-aroused Ken. The collectible figurine, which bears a slight yet unsurprising resemblance to a Bratz doll, is being produced by Integrity Toys, which designed the doll for Perry's video for her song "Ur So Gay."

Toy versions of pop stars are nothing new — rappers Ghostface and MF Doom have both been immortalized in colorful plastic, and McFarlane Toys has been pumping out action figures of everyone from the Beatles and Elvis Presley to Kurt Cobain and KISS — but the Perry doll may be the most questionable addition to the pop-toy canon. Well, that is, until we get that Chad Kroeger from Nickelback doll with self-perming mullet. Or T.I. Joe…

Katy Perry Doll [Integrity Toys]
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