Leaked: New TV on the Radio Album Triumphs Over Superfluous Punctuation


TV on the Radio, Dear Science,

Official Release Date: September 23

The Verdict: After all that Dave Sitek's given us this year — namely Scarlett Johansson's album — was it really reasonable to assume that TV on the Radio's new third full-length would live up to the feverish blog anticipation? Apparently it was! Dear Science, (the comma is, ridiculously, part of the title) improves on 2006's excellent Return to Cookie Mountain by draping the band's typical horny, atmospheric miasma over twitchy dance grooves and huge gorgeous choruses. "Halfway Home," "Red Dress," and the awesome "Golden Age" are the obvious standouts, but after a weekend's worth of listening, we pretty much love the whole thing. It's probably too soon to say for sure, but this could very well be better than ScarJo's album.