Ten Liberal Movies So Lame They Make Even Democrats Want to Vote Republican


The soldiers-coming-home drama The Lucky Ones makes its long-delayed debut this week to mediocre reviews and likely mediocre-er box office. While its trailer makes it seem like a fairly evenhanded, if boring, drama, the presence of the outspoken Tim Robbins — long a prime target for conservatives bashing Hollywood's liberal slant — makes us worry that The Lucky Ones might just be something else. Hot on the heels of this summer's debatable viral smash War Inc., could The Lucky Ones be yet another liberal message movie so slanted and on-the-nose that it would make even us, the Liberal Media, vote for John McCain?

While many of the liberal movies of the seventies (Apocalypse Now, The China Syndrome, and Norma Rae among them) were often vivid pieces of art in their own right, Hollywood has recently lost the ability to make politically progressive films without hectoring — or preaching, annoyingly, to the choir. Check out our video slideshow of ten recent offenders.