LL Cool J Will Sell His New Album to Mailmen and Junior High Schools, God Willing


"It's gonna be mailmen that ain't bought a hip-hop album in 10 years that's gonna buy this album. It's gonna be junior high schools that never bought an LL album buying this album once it gets in the system, God willing." LL Cool J on his new record, Exit 13 [MTV]

"Sometimes I'll be just listening to NPR in the morning, and they'll be talking about North Korea, or the gas crisis, and I'll say, 'We should work this into one of our episodes.' Other times, we'll be sitting in a room and saying, 'You know, poop's funny.'" Charlie Day on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [A.V. Club]

"I don't know why that ended up on my IMDb." Wayne Wang on his supposed Adam Sandler project, Good Cook [ComingSoon]

"THIS IS SO TOTALLY WRONG. I REALLY DO FUCKING DESPAIR. WHY IS IT SO INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO GET ANYTHING DONE RIGHT?" Robert Smith urges fans to not buy the Cure's new remix EP, Hypnagogic States [Guardian]

"I don't know. It's a very American question, how. It's fucking acting!" Keira Knightley on how she maintained her onscreen tension with Ralph Fiennes in The Duchess [USAT]