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Look Inside the Dreams of Cartoonist David Heatley: Exclusive Excerpt From ‘My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down’

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David Heatley's comics have been mainstays in anthologies for years, and at the end of this month he releases his first major work — a graphic memoir which fractures his ordinary life into five extraordinarily detailed sections. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down explores Heatley's family through complex portraits of his mother, father, and ancestors; it portrays Heatley's struggle with race in thumbnails of every person of color he's ever met; and it delves with (too much?) detail into every sexual experience he's ever had. Interspersed with these miniaturist memoirs are brilliantly remembered dream sequences, which capture the logic of sleeping as few writers can do.

The entire work is a fascinating look inside one man's complicated mind. Vulture is proud to present an exclusive excerpt from My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down — the dream comics that precede part one, "Sex History."

Click here to read the seven-page excerpt now!

Photo: Courtesy of Pantheon