Matt and Kim Deliver Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D, Adorableness


1. Matt and Kim, "Daylight"
This new single from Brooklyn's Matt and Kim is as warm as its subject — plus, it won't give you skin cancer! [Green Label Sound]

2. Bon Iver, "I Believe in You" (Talk Talk cover)
This isn't the first time someone's dipped into the Talk Talk songbook, but this is Bon Iver's life, not Gwen Stefani's, so you get a haunting dose of soul on this live cover, instead of a pop anthem. [I Guess I'm Floating]

3. Nils Lofgren, "Yankee Stadium"
Guitar hero Logren pens a cheesy, semi-awesome farewell to the "House That Ruth Built." [Consequence of Sound]

4. Oliver North Boy Choir, "Teenage Lust" (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
This cover is fantastic, despite all weirdness. [MP3 Hugger]

5. Rae Spoon, "Come On Forest Fire, Burn the Disco Down"
This track from Calgary's Spoon (no relation to Austin's Spoon) might not express a very popular sentiment, but it sure is a catchy track. [Instrumental Analysis]