Maybe Ricky Gervais Actually Will Host an Awards Show!


After single-handedly saving the Emmys from being completely atrocious on Sunday night, Ricky Gervais is actually being tipped as a possible host for next February's Academy Awards, reports EW. Likely in response to our laudatory blog post on Monday morning, Gervais's reps were "besieged with inquiries about his availability and were urged to book a meeting with Academy Awards organizers, stat." "The buzz around town is that Ricky should host the Oscars," claims "one source close to the star," who's almost certainly Ricky Gervais. Could this actually happen? Well, Academy president Sid Ganis announced today that he's asked Dreamgirls team Bill Condon and Laurence Mark to produce 2009's ceremony, news that means they're sort of open to changing the formula (2008's Oscars were helmed by fourteen-time producer Gil Cates) — so maybe! Now if they'd only consider nominating Wall-E for Best Picture, people might actually watch next year.

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