Neil LaBute Says ‘The Wicker Man’ Was One of Those Things Where You Had to Be There


"People sort of got together on that one and said, 'You know what? I think we're all in agreement. We just don't care for this.' People went, 'Oh, God, Nic Cage is wearing a bear suit, and he's running around.' It's like, yeah, we saw him doing it. It was pretty funny when he was doing it." Neil LaBute on The Wicker Man [Chicago Tribune via PopMatters]

"There are always more Abba tunes! There are many, many more Abba tunes." Dominic Cooper reassures us that there is plenty of material for a Mamma Mia! sequel [MTV Movies Blog]

"I think my girlfriend hopes it's based on her. Maybe it is my girlfriend because we've had some good times together … but I'm not really sure." —Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill on their song "Sex on Fire" [Sun UK]

"When you're drunk, you think you're thinking, but really you're just making these intense plans about how you can't wait to get home and organize your Apple TV and songs." John Mayer [NYO]

"If you want a rude or confused or delusional putz, then call Ricky Gervais! If you want the dashing leading man with the strong jaw line, I think you should stick with the Pitts and Clooneys of this world." Ricky Gervais [Orlando Sentinel via PopMatters]