Rage Against the Machine Entertain RNC Protesters With History’s Angriest A Cappella Concert


If yesterday's NKOTB-90210 double dose of nineties nostalgia somehow wasn't enough for you, we have good news! Last night, uppity nu-metal band Rage Against the Machine — you may recall they had several hits back before George Bush made the world safe for freedom — performed a show, sort of, on the lawn of the Minnesota State Capitol near the Republican National Convention. Either because the band arrived late, unannounced, and without a permit or because their music is simply too subversive (stories conflict on this), police refused to let them to plug in their instruments. So, singer Zach de la Rocha and Tom Morello played "Bulls on Parade" a cappella with Morello making wah-wah pedal noises with his mouth. Adorable! Sadly, police broke things up before they could do "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or the theme song from Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?.

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