Rivers Cuomo Knows Exactly How Long It’s Been Since You’ve Come to a Weezer Show


"I have a spreadsheet that documents every show we've ever played and how much we got paid and what was the capacity and then how many people actually attended." Rivers Cuomo [Sound of the City/VV]

"Nick Cave is a mustache on a wire. He has a black drape of hair, receding in the front; he is open-shirted and wild, pelvis undulating." Carrie Brownstein [Monitor Mix/NPR]

"I want to call our baby Midnight or 411. I really like information, and being a night owl, it's a good fit." Will Arnett [NYDN]

"Most things [on television] were aspiring to be mediocre. They were imitating shows too, but they weren't even imitating good shows. At least we were aspiring to be like the best of the best." B.J. Novak on The Office [NYT]

"It just offended me as a comedian that this is what Hollywood thinks: That you put these four [sic] reality show announcers up there and they're going to run the show? No, it doesn't work that way. It takes years of drinking and self-abuse." Denis Leary on the Emmy awards [Daily Dish/SF Chronicle]