Sad Maurice Sendak Gives His Blessing to Sad ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Movie


In the middle of a kinda sad profile of Maurice Sendak in today's Times — the Where the Wild Things Are author discusses the recent death of his longtime partner, the heart surgery that's left him too weak to walk his dog, and his endless doubts over his own legacy — Sendak says he's thrilled with Spike Jonze's upcoming film version of Wild Things, even if Warner Bros. dislikes it.

The Times says "he hates syrupy animation," so he was pleased to find out that Jonze's movie will be mostly live action, and probably even more pleased to learn that it's been making children cry and crap their pants at test screenings — "I hate people," he says at one point during the interview. Even so, we're not sure it was necessary for the Times to describe him as "a square-shaped gnome." If Jonze's rough cut of Wild Things is anywhere near as heartbreaking as this profile, though, Warner Bros. might actually have the right idea.

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