Judd Apatow Now Just Stealing Ideas From YouTube


The one thing we've always taken for granted with Judd Apatow is his ability to assemble a cast: whether it's the Freaks and GeeksUndeclared set (Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel) or the post–40-Year-Old Virgin one (Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, McLovin), the extended Apatow family has always been an endearing bunch. But we're a bit concerned about the latest addition to the stable — 18-year-old Internet celebrity Bo Burnham, better known as that dude who sings joke songs on YouTube. Burnham is writing a screenplay and music, and potentially starring, in a movie that Apatow is set to produce.

You may have already run into one of Burnham's clips — his occasionally clever songs about things like rehab for fictional characters and Helen Keller being the perfect woman have racked up millions of hits on YouTube. But isn't this a bit early to be stealing stuff from YouTube, Judd? Particularly stuff that our mom might e-mail us? See below.

Singing comic joins Apatow clan [HR]