The Boss to Reprise Role As Dream-Sequence Guy in New Judd Apatow Movie?


Judd Apatow's script for Funny People — a dramatic, semi-autobiographical flick starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen as stand-up comedians — is making the rounds, and our friends at the Playlist have helpfully brought to our attention something interesting. In the screenplay, there's a dream sequence in which Bruce Springsteen pops up to give Sandler's character some advice. As they point out, the film hasn't started shooting yet, so it's not clear if Bruce is signed up. But we've got a hunch he'll be game considering he's already done pretty much this exact same thing before, playing a divine, Telecaster-stroking wise man in High Fidelity. He was pretty great at it, too — supportive but totally honest. Which means we are now officially that much more excited for Funny People.

Will Bruce Springsteen Appear In Judd Apatow's 'Funny People'? [Playlist]