The Emmys: Please, Somebody, Let Ricky Gervais Host an Awards Show


Despite the embarrassing performance of the five terrible hosts, there were a few genuinely hilarious moments at last night's Emmys. The funniest one came from Ricky Gervais, who was there to subtly plug his new movie, Ghost Town, but also to claim the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series that he won last year but wasn't in attendance to accept (presenters Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert gave it to Steve Carell). "Look at his stupid face," Gervais instructed a surprised audience, stunned by the unexpected outbreak of actual humor. "I made you what you are, and I get nothing back," he told his American Office doppelgänger. "I sat through Evan Almighty — give me my Emmy! … I've got nothing to lose; I'm a nobody here!"

Surely someone has already been fired for this, but why wasn't Gervais asked to host last night's ceremony? And can they get him for the Oscars? Why hasn't anyone realized that he's perfect for a job like this? He created a whole show (Extras) that was all about lobbing grenades at pompous actors — who better to deflate Hollywood egos on an awards night? Come on, he'd at least be as good as Justin Timberlake!