The ‘Infinite Jest’ Screenplay: Real, Sort Of!


Bonnie Nadell, David Foster Wallace's literary executor, has shed some light on the Infinite Jest screenplay rumors bouncing around yesterday. Apparently, Keith Bunin did write a screenplay for which Sam Jones was attached to direct, but, as we should have guessed, Wallace himself had nothing to do with it, not even reading the final version. A company called Open City purchased the rights to the book a few years ago and commissioned Bunin to write the script, but the option expired before the company ever began production. According to Spoutblog, "if it ever gets picked up again, [Nadell] hope's Bunin's screenplay is put back into play, as she was very impressed with it." We anxiously await this never actually happening.

Infinite Jest Screenplay Exists, But It’s Not DFW’s [Spoutblog]
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