Makers of ‘No Country for Old Men’ Attempt to Put One Over on Real-life Old Man


Oscar-winning oldster Tommy Lee Jones is suing Paramount for $10 million, the amount he says he's owed for starring in No Country for Old Men, in a suit that claims the studio had him sign a contract they knew contained errors. Jones says he agreed to a small upfront fee in exchange for "significant box-office bonuses and back-end compensation" if the movie was successful (it went on to make $160 million worldwide), but the paperwork contained "a major issue involving the deduction for home video expenses," which he says the studio later informed him that they were aware of even before he agreed to it, implying that Paramount should've known better than to ask a 61-year-old to read small print. The suit further alleges that no one at the studio says "sir" or "ma'am" anymore.

Tommy Lee Jones sues Paramount [San Antonio Express-News]