‘Watchmen’ Trial Scheduled for January, Might Not Screw Up Movie’s Release Date

Photo: Courtesy of DC Comics

Good news, for once, in the realm of release dates for things we're excited about: A Los Angeles judge yesterday set a January 6, 2009, trial date for the squabble between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox over the rights to the Watchmen movie. (For those busy obsessing over things other than comic-book movie adaptations, Fox is suing Warner Bros. to block the Zack Snyder–directed film, claiming they still own the movie rights to the original novel owing to a 1994 turnaround blah blah blah.) This means both sides will likely have time to work out a deal (probably involving a huge lump-sum payment to Fox) before Watchmen's planned release on March 6. We haven't been this invested in a legal proceeding since our last speeding ticket.

Watchmen Court Trial Set for January [/Film]
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