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Wedding Dresses and Suicide Bombers: Read a Complete Comics Story by Rutu Modan, the Author of ‘Exit Wounds’

Campbell (left) with outgoing director Philippe de Montebello.
In last year's Exit WoundsNew York's second-favorite comic of 2007 — Israeli writer-artist Rutu Modan told a story that deftly combined the political and the personal, as a Tel Aviv cabdriver searches for the father he may have lost in a bombing. Since the success of Exit Wounds, Modan has drawn a story for The New York Times Magazine, and this month publishes a new graphic novel, Jamilti, a collection of short stories that confirms her prodigious talent. Today, Vulture's Comics Page is proud to publish the complete title story from the collection, which comes out later this month from Drawn and Quarterly.

Click here to read the complete story now!

Photo: Courtesy of Drawn and Quarterly