‘17 Again’ Trailer: Matthew Perry Lives the Dream; Zac Efron Wakes Up in a Nightmare


Tagline: "This is a chance to have my life over, but to do it right!"


The Verdict: Somewhat predictably, the most unbelievable thing about 17 Again isn't the film's wacky, done-before premise about a 37-year-old guy who falls through a wormhole that lets him reenter his 17-year-old body and go back to high school — it's that someone at New Line actually thought people would believe that Muppet-faced Friends actor Matthew Perry looked anything like Zac Efron in high school (he didn't!). Even so, we can't imagine this will be anything but a giant, Titanic-outgrossing success since what man alive hasn't fantasized about waking up as Zac Efron (or Vanessa Hudgens after we've had several drinks)? That said, we are NOT looking forward to the inevitably horrific ending in which Zac turns back into Matthew Perry.