‘The Power and the Money’ Trailer: 50 Cent Trumps Trump


Tagline: "Every day people come to me and ask for advice on how to get to the top. And I tell them, that kind of advice doesn't come for free…"

Translation: …someone's gonna have to give me my own reality show if they want to hear all my bullshit!

The Verdict: It seems perfectly obvious, of course, that "hip-hop legend and business mogul" 50 Cent would get his own Apprentice-style reality show. And yet, somehow, we're still surprised at how incredibly entertaining The Power and the Money looks. Entering full-fledged cartoon-character territory here, 50 looks like he's mostly using the show — which pits fourteen contestants in a battle between book smarts and street smarts to see who has the power to get the money, or something — to keep woefully untalented sidekick Tony Yayo employed, under the hilarious guise that he's providing actual business advice. "One hand full of shit does not equal a fistful of dollars," he tells one contestant. Thanks, 50!