Alec Baldwin on How the Financial Apocalypse Will Affect Jack Donaghy


If you're anything like us, you've already adjusted to the economic downturn by incorporating shoe leather into your diet and canceling your electricity. But how might the credit crisis affect well-to-do sitcom characters, particularly 30 Rock's boss, Jack Donaghy? "He might have to quit one of the seven or eight private clubs that he belongs to," Alec Baldwin told us at last night's Sundance Institute Gala at the Roseland Ballroom. "The one he goes to the least." Baldwin says he wouldn't be surprised to see current events become the basis for a few of the show's upcoming plotlines: "We want to do some episodes where GE is going to sell NBC Universal to Google or Yahoo, whoever’s got the money. And then we’ll find out, of course, that it’s the equivalent of being owned by Sheinhardt Wigs. They might sell it to Carvel Ice Cream or Mars candy."

One thing Baldwin obviously isn't sweating is an Obama administration — as Donaghy, 30 Rock's resident arch-conservative (and Mitt Romney supporter), "he’ll have plenty to complain about," he told us. "It will be really fun, making fun of Obama."