‘Arrested Development’ Creator Tries to Soothe Our Broken Hearts


Still pining away for the totally-not-happening Arrested Development movie? Invest all those built-up hopes and dreams in AD mastermind Mitchell Hurwitz's new Fox project instead! The network has picked up Hurwitz's untitled show, and Arrested Development directors Anthony and Joe Russo are onboard as well. The only issue we may have here is that this thing sounds nothing at all like Arrested Development: Inspired by the real-life Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, it's described as a "high-octane action dramedy" and revolves around "a Pentagon-based inventor who decided he couldn't live another day standing on the sidelines while Rome burns and accordingly set out to put his inventions to very real use, behind the backs of friends, family and the entire U.S. government," according to producer Jeff Rake. But wait! This could still appeal to the hard-core AD junkies: "The heart and fun of the show is the lead character, who, while a badass in his own way, is a very grounded, relatable guy." Two words: Jason. Bateman.

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